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Enhance Your Property With Wood Fencing

Every home looks better with the right fencing to protect it from stray animals, intruders, and nosy neighbors. Infinity Fence brings our in-depth expertise and a wide selection of wood fencing to North Metro Atlanta, GA households who desire high-quality home enhancement. You can complete your property with a quaint white picket fence or six-foot-tall boards to safeguard your family’s privacy. Our team of fencing professionals will help you choose the perfect wood fencing for your home.

wooden capped privacy fence

Serving Households in North Metro Atlanta, GA

Don’t leave your house unprotected against wandering stray dogs and vandals. Infinity Fence has beautiful wood fencing available for you to customize with a color, height, and other details suiting your home’s aesthetic.

Benefits of Wood Fencing from Infinity Fence

Infinity Fence proudly offers homeowners wood fencing for various reasons, from quick installation to easy customization. Wood fencing has been a popular choice for households because of the many benefits it offers, such as the following:

Versatile Style Choices

Your residential style could lean toward the rustic look of a flat top or dog ear fence design, or you might favor an elegant Gothic or French Gothic board. Whatever fencing style you want for your home, wood fencing has an option to suit your taste.

Quick Installation

After you purchase your new wood fencing, we install it quickly and efficiently so that it’s ready to provide dependable protection and privacy. We carefully complete your new fence with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

Easy Customization

One of the biggest advantages of wood fencing is how customizable it can be. You can choose the fence height, gate width, board style, and accessories like flower boxes. If you want to change the look of your fencing, you can paint or stain it any color.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood fencing is an all-natural material that can be treated using environmentally-conscious preservatives and stabilizers. The boards are protected from termites and swelling without harming the soil or groundwater.


Choosing a wood fence can cost you significantly less than other fencing options, such as aluminum and wrought iron, and maintaining it is inexpensive. An occasional scrub can help your treated wood fencing last for decades.

Complementary to Your Home Design

A wood fence can blend well with the surrounding landscaping and home design since it is easily customizable. Wood is a popular choice for homes in cities, suburbs, and rural areas because of its beauty.

Fencing Sales & Installation in North Metro Atlanta, GA